With great pleasure, we invite you to the 6th EFLM Preanalytical Phase Conference.

Similar conferences have been successfully organized in Europe biannually with delegate numbers rising over the years:
2011 – Parma: 300 delegates
2013 – Zagreb: 381 delegates
2015 – Porto: 530 delegates
2017 – Amsterdam: 561 delegates
2019 – Zagreb: 640 delegates

Due to the COVID-pandemic, the 2021 conference had to be rescheduled and will now be held purely online. On one hand this is maybe not quite as charming as a face-to-face conference, on the other hand we now have no limitation as to the number of delegates.
The focus of this year’s conference is the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations among laboratories, clinics and physicians, in order to improve the quality of the preanalytical phase within the total laboratory testing process. The Conference Scientific program has been tailored by the most renowned experts from Europe in the field to deliver up-to-date knowledge.
The feedback during the previous meetings has guided us in the selection of the topics of this one. It is the unique and maybe only opportunity to get up-to-date in preanalytical topics and to interact with likeminded colleagues on such a large basis, as the EFLM Preanalytical Phase Conference is the largest such conference in the world.

2022/03/15 08:30:00
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